Painesville, Ohio – Then & Now

Lots of changes in my lifetime in the little town where I grew up. Here are some comparison photos of old postcards and current (2012) from the same spots.

Main Street Bridge & Abbot’s Mill

The Main St. bridge across the Grand River in Painesville, Ohio along side of Abbot’s Mill.
A modern bridge replaced the old iron bridge, and the mill burned in the 1950’s.

Main St. looking east from the park

What was the Cleveland Trust Bank building on the left, and the Parmly Hotel on the right.
The bank building is now county offices, and the hotel was demolished in the 1960’s as part of an ‘Urban Renewal’ effort.

Main St. looking east from the park

In this postcard from the 1930’s, the Utopia Theatre can be seen on the left. It was replaced in 1939 by the Lake Theatre on S. State St. To the right of it is the Cowles Hotel, later the Howard Hotel, replaced by the J.J. Newberry store. Beyond, across St. Clair St. is the ladies store, Jeanette Julyan’s, which was the original location of the Cleveland Trust Bank. On the right is the Parmly Hotel.
All that remains is the bank building, now county offices. The remainder of the block was demolished in the 1960’s as part of an ‘Urban Renewal’ project.

Main St. Looking West from State St.

Looking west on Main St. shows a vibrant downtown in the 1950’s.
Only the buildings on the left remain. Everything else was demolished in the 1960’s.

St. Mary School & Church

A postcard from the 1920’s along N. State St. shows the elementary school and church.
St. Mary School & Church
A similar view from 2012 shows the same school building, although no longer occupied by the church and the new church building which was built in 1955.